Diagnosis apparatus multifunctional detachable Trotec TC100

Appareil de Diagnostic Multifonctionnel Thermo-Hygromètre Trotec TC100 View larger

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Diagnosis apparatus multifunctional detachable Trotec TC100.
Climate assessment of the workstation with ease: quickly, precisely and according to standards.

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Diagnosis apparatus multifunctional detachable Trotec TC100.
Climate assessment of the workstation with ease: quickly, precisely and according to standards.

The TC100 is a device of multifunctional diagnosis for the professional climate control. It determines in a very short time the WBGT index, for example to assess heat stress in some workstations.

In order to adapt the measures to the Interior or exterior areas, a feature to calculate the factor of direct solar radiation and to take account or not. Similarly, an individual alarm threshold can be set to the value of the WBGT. His passing brings an immediate alarm.

In addition, the TC100 is able to measure virtually all sizes that play a role in climate well-being.

Whether the temperature of air, humidity, radiant heat, the wet bulb temperature or dew point or atmospheric pressure, all of these sizes can be selected and displayed in time real on the backlit display. The freezing of the values, maximum values, min. or averages can be viewed and it is possible to memorize 99 measures in the TC100.

For long-term measures, the TC100 can also be mounted on a tripod. In addition, it has a mini USB as well as a sheet 9 V, these interfaces to replace the use of the batteries with a power supply on the sector and therefore a permanent operation. Don't forget that a mobile power, through a "powerbank", is possible if necessary thanks to the mini-USB port of the TC100.

Measure the WBGT index meets standards
The people who work on or near facilities releasing a lot of energy or radiating a lot of heat are subject to a high risk of heat stress.
In order to protect the health of these employees exposed to heat, the regulation among other exhibition and rest periods adapted to the degree of stress.
The intensity of heat stress is calculated from various climate factors. This climatic data set is standardized at the international level through the index WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature).
Developed originally by the army for its training camps, this index is meanwhile also defined via the standard DIN EN 27243 and serves among other things to the development of the guidelines for the rest and limitations to the jobs exposed to heat.
In addition to the WBGT, the TC100 also allows to determine the heat index, also named Humidex, which reflects common effect on the human organism of humidity of air, temperature and radiant heat.
As the capabilities of the body decrease when the temperature increases, the WBGT indices and HI are increasingly used also by athletes in competition or during sports events.

No portable device to measure the market WBGT index does allow him alone to determine more sizes to measure.
-Package of climate measures (WBGT) for inside and outside
-Radiant heat (Black Globe)
-Heat index (HI)
-Air temperature
-Relative humidity
-Dew point
-Wet bulb temperature
-Atmospheric pressure

Technical features:
General information
Item number: 3.510.007.010
Ambient temperature [° C]
Range [° C] min.: 0
Range Max [° C]: 50
Resolution [° C]: 0.1
Accuracy ± [° C]: 0.6
Temperature of the air [° F]
Range min. [° F]: 32
[° F] maximum measuring range: 122
Relative humidity (%)
Min. [%] range: 0
Range Max [%]: 99.9
Precision 0% - 10% [%]: 5
10%-70% accuracy [%]: 3
70%-99.9% accuracy [%]: 5
LCD: standard equipment
monochrome: standard equipment
Push buttons: standard equipment
Models of enclosures
Plastic: standard equipment
Power supply
internal - 3 AAA 1.5V (battery): standard equipment
via power supply - 9V AC/DC: standard equipment
Ambient conditions
Operation - temperature min. [° C]: 0
Operation - temperature Max [° C]: 50
Stock - Temperature [° C] min.:-20
Stock - Temperature Max [° C]: 50
Storage - humidity rel. (without condensation) maximum [%]: 90
Length (without package) [mm]: 162
Width (without package) [mm]: 58
Height (without package) [mm]: 32
(without packaging) [kg]: 0.215

Content of standard delivery
Measuring device: standard equipment
Battery: standard equipment
Calibration certificate: standard equipment
Storage box: standard equipment
Operating manual: standard equipment
Internal sensors
Temperature ambient [° C]: standard equipment
Temperature of the air [° F]: standard equipment
Relative humidity [%]: standard equipment
The black globe [° C] temperature: standard equipment
WBGT: standard equipment
Atmospheric pressure: standard equipment
Dew point temperature [° C]: standard equipment
Dew point temperature [° F]: standard equipment
Features and equipment
Heat index (HI): standard equipment
temperature (index (WBGT): standard equipment)
Wet bulb temperature: standard equipment
Switching function ° C / ° F: standard equipment
Switching hpa/inHG/mmHG: standard equipment
Display minimum value: standard equipment
Display maximum value: standard equipment
Display average value: standard equipment
Function of maintaining measure: standard equipment
Function alarm for temperature (WBGT index): standard equipment
Auto power off: standard equipment
Display lighting: standard equipment

Warranty: 2 years

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