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Infrared sauna Spectre 3 places VerySpas.
This infrared sauna is designed to be used inside your home.

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Infrared sauna Spectre 3 places VerySpas.
This infrared sauna is designed to be used in the home, but also outdoors.
It is nice and very comfortable with its glass door that opens to the right and the side windows.
The infrared sauna is suitable for the whole family. Its operation does not require special ventilation.
The spacious infrared sauna does not create steam but a natural circulation of air inside.

This Infrared Sauna in wood Hemlock of Canada is an ideal wood species from sustainably managed forests for the manufacture of this sauna cabin for your well-being.
The complete equipment with a radio/MP3 player and remote control, an ionizer and a temperature sensor. This sauna is also one of the few equipped with chromotherapy lighting. To use the infrared sauna an easy internal control and an external control panel.

Inside the cabin, you choose a color tone for your atmosphere to adjust it to your mood. Each color affects our psyche and has a significant influence on the energy of our body. For example, the color yellow optimizes, green harmonizes, orange creates a feeling of security and joy, white energizes, blue soothes, purple helps sleep.

8 panels: 6 vertical infrared emitters and 2 horizontal ceramic emitters.
This model is heated with a total of 6 vertical panels made of high quality ceramic fibers, which are located inside the sauna, as well as 2 panels of high quality ceramic fibers above floor. This arrangement provides a uniform heat that distributes smoothly in the body or deep subcutaneously.

Description and characteristic of the cabin:
- Heating by 6 ceramic radiant panels and 2 infrared. The ceramic heating panels offer a better diffusion of heat inside the sauna, due to their radiant character. The average service life of the panels is 12000 hours.
- Digital control panel: Simple and accessible, the Spectre sauna's indoor control panels give you easy access to the main features of your sauna.
- Integrated Radio/MP3 system. It has USB auxiliary jack, SD, and 3.5mm jack, to listen to your music programming.
- Ozonator air purifier. This easy-to-use and quickly effective device has the Ion function. It enriches the air we breathe in the sauna. Freshness and purity is then very close to the air on the high seas or in the mountains. The ionizer also effectively destroys microorganisms. It also includes an ozone generator that disinfects and acts positively on the body. This destroys ambient bacteria and purifies the air. You can fully and comfortably enjoy this moment of relaxation.
- Quick installation, connection to a standard electrical outlet.
- Quick assembly of the walls of the saunas, installation in about 1 hour.
- Reception capacity for 3-4 people.
- Interior lighting.

Technical Characteristics of the Sauna:
- Number of places available: 3-4 people.
- Dimensions L x W x H: 150 cm x 150 cm x 190 cm
- Infrared heating: 8 panels.
- Infrared wavelength: 6-16 micrometer.
- Type of heating: carbon.
- Total power: 2340W
- Power supply: 220-230/50 Hz on conventional power outlet.
- Power supply: standard wall socket.
- Interior digital control panel: yes
- External digital control panel: yes
- Tempered glass door: 7mm
- Operating temperature: 10 to 65 °C
- Warm-up time: 10 to 15 minutes.
- Air purifier: Ionizer.
- Ergonomic backrest in Hemlock: Removable.
- Weight: 225kg.
- Warranty 2 years.

The infrared sauna Wooden spectrum Hemlock 3 VerySpas squares uses technology that has long been recognized for its health and relaxation benefits.
Its emitters emit infrared rays (completely harmless) that warm the skin in the same way as the sun's rays (but without the dangerous UV rays).
The infrared sauna is very easy to use and install.
Unlike the traditional steam sauna, it does not heat the entire cabin but directly the body, which avoids causing a feeling of suffocation in some people.
The infrared heat allows a significant sweating and a complete relaxation of the body and mind.
The benefits of the sauna are numerous: stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and calms painful joints, increases immune defenses, eliminates toxins, facilitates sleep, etc.
Discover our wide range of infrared saunas for sale of different woods (spruce, red cedar, abachi, Hemlock) and infrared technologies (carbon or quartz and magnesium emitters for a full spectrum).

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