Mower electric robot L85 Elite - 2200 m2 Ambrogio

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Mower electric robot L85 Elite - 2200 m2 Ambrogio.
Ambrogio Zucchetti L85 Elite is designed for big yards of 2200 m 2 and dialed up to 4 separate zones. A totally independent and programmable, compact and safe automatic mower for you accompany throughout the year!

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Mower electric robot L85 Elite - 2200 m2 Ambrogio.
The robot mower AMBROGIO L85 Elite can support up to 2200 m 2 surface divisible by 1, 2, 3 or 4 zones independently thanks to its programming and its charging base that once she finds its batteries discharged. The robot mower AMBROGIO L85 Elite Lithium-Ion batteries have no memory effect and recharge in only 2 hours and 40 minutes.
Thanks to its unique design and its software advanced, the robot L85 Elite will surprise you with sound agility of movement and its high quality performance. A fully automatic robot that turns on itself for optimal management slopes up to 45%.
Before first use, simply you delineate areas to mow (up to 4 different zones) with the perimeter cable (150 m cable supplied). You can bury him (at maximum 3 to 4cm of the soil surface) or fix it with nails at the level of the ground (200 nails provided). Hidden by your pelouze, it will become quickly invisible. This cable is also to be placed around all the obstacles of less than 10 cm high (pond, swimming pool, terrace, flower beds, etc.).
The sinusoidal signal in the perimeter cable allows the robot to stay on the ground to mow. The signal can be transmitted on 3 different channels in order to avoid possible interference with other electronic devices near your garden or other automatic mowers of the neighborhood. A patented system allows to stop the spread of the signal when the robot is in its charging station.

Unique features to improve performance:

  • 2200 m 2 covered in about 3 hours 
  • Manages up to 4 areas of mowing
  • Last generation brushless motors
  • Adjustable cutting height between 25 and 65 mm 
  • 29 cm wide blade 
  • Manage slopes up to 55% 
  • Sensors of shorn grass
  • 2 self-cleaning gear wheels
  • Sensor of uprising 
  • Pin code
  • Rain sensor
  • Charging station for automatic return
  • Blade reversible and aiguisable
  • Bluetooth

The Mulching function:

The AMBROGIO L85 Elite to the advantage of creating its own natural fertilizer. This natural fertilizer is the result of a crushing, in very fine particles of grass clippings (technology"Mulching"). Crushed grass is then placed between the roots of the grass to allow a better regeneration of the soil and the lawn. Finish the dump of a healthy lawn mower... and welcome bags!

Modes of travel:

  • Automatic and complete the enclosed lawn mowing: Depending on the different characteristics of the surface to mow, the robot can be programmed to work on several areas: a main area and several secondary zones. When the robot mower L85 Elite is running, it does mowing the area bounded by the perimeter cable. When the robot encounters an obstacle, it changes course path and go in a new direction.

  • Spiral, the s robot mode' suits at the height of the grass to mow: The robot is able to recognize the presence of higher and/or more bushy grass thanks to its patented grass sensors in an area of the garden and to operate automatically, if it deems it necessary, the spiral motion for a perfect lawn cut finish. The spiral movement can be also operated by the operator using the command "ENTER" while the robot is trying to mow.

Main functions:

  • Auto-recharge: When the batteries of the AMBROGIO L85 Elite are about to be unloaded, the robot stops working and automatically joined its charging base before resuming work later
  • AMBROGIO L85 Elite keeps track of the time to get to work every day, thanks to its programming function
  • Ultra silencer (65 to 70 DB)
  • One adjustable cutting height 25 to 65 cm
  • The speed modulation cutting: in case of already cut grass, the robot reduced the speed of the blade for a substantial decline in its energy consumption

Security systems:

  • The sensors integrated into the wrists ensure a immediate stop the blade when the robot mower is raised
  • One Anti theft security entering a code-based PIN protects your robot mower AMBROGIO L85 Elite of the flight
  • The rain sensor the L85 Elite AMBROGIO allows him to go immediately on his home base in inclement weather in order to preserve the lawn of possible damage due to the wheels
  • Many mower AMBROGIO L85 Elite sensors allow it to change direction when it comes into contact with an object.


  • Mowers AMBROGIO robots are equipped with a reversible and aiguisable blade. This replacement cost less to led technology and maintenance quick and easy.
  • No bag to empty through technology"Mulching"that grinds the grass before placing on the ground.


Weight13.5 kg
Autonomy3 h (+ - 20%)
Charge time2 h 40
Recommended area2200 m²
Mowing areas managed4
Maximum slope55%
Cutting width29 cm
Cutting height25-65 mm
Cutting speed3600 RPM (automatic modulation)
Sound level65 to 70 dB
Movement speed30 m/min
Engine typebrushless
Programmable startYes (days and hours)
Auto-rechargeYes - Automatic return to the charging base
Type of guidancePerimeter cable (provided 150 m)
Maximum slope near cable35%
receiver bluetoothYes
Anti-theft systemYes - Protection by code
Security systemYes - Stop immediately in case of lifting
Level of airtightnessiP44
Rain sensorYes - Return to the base in inclement weather
alarm pin codeYes
Detection of obstaclesYes - mechanics
Wheel typeSelf-cleaning gear
MaintenanceAiguisable and reversible blade
Battery typeBattery Lithium-Ion 7.5Ah
Power / consumption2.3 ah (supported)
SMS alertoption
Warranty2 years manufacturer, battery 6 months
StandardsEC Directives WEEE and RoHS environmental protection

Contents of the box:

  • Robot mower AMBROGIO L85 Elite
  • Charging base
  • 150 m of perimeter cable
  • 200 pickets of fastening for cable
  • Power cable

Founded in 1985, the Zucchetti company was able to use historical skills to assert itself in the market of Robotics and automation. A perfect combination of mechanical quality and know-how software allows him to enter the sector of domestic Robotics with its first robot mowers in 2000. Today Zucchetti AMBROGIO is the manufacturer that offers the widest range of robot lawnmowers in the world.

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