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Trotec. Our products are developed because there are problems that have not been solved.

Trotec products and servants.
- Climate & air for industry / crafts
- Climate & air for the home
- Sanitation after disaster water damage
 -Power tools
- Construction tents / Protective screens
- Industry Solutions
- Industrial services.

This is precisely where research and development begins. We listen. We constantly observe the daily life of our customers and take advantage of this dialogue to look for the possibility of giving our products the last touch, the best idea that will allow us to position them as the best solution to respond to the problem in an optimal way.
The road is long, sometimes. It also happens that small modifications, slight adaptations are enough.
That's why it's so important for us to have this contact with the world of work: that's where our products will have to prove themselves.
Our research and development meets a need. Nothing is superfluous. Everything matters. The question of everyday life is the motivation of our engineers.

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