Rangefinder Leica Disto Trotec D510 to the outside with digital viewfinder

Télémètre Leica Disto Trotec D510 pour l'Extérieur avec Viseur Numérique View larger

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Rangefinder Leica Disto Trotec D510 to the outside with digital viewfinder.
The versatile rangefinder suitable for almost any application.

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Rangefinder Leica Disto Trotec D510 to the outside with digital viewfinder.
The versatile rangefinder suitable for almost any application.

The Disto™ D510 combines many functions and innovative features, for example the zoom 4 x digital riflescope for precise measurements over long distances or the tilt sensor built-in 360 °, a measuring device of small size and perfectly suited to construction sites.

DISTO™ D510 - ideal for measurements at the outside.

An infinite amount of possibilities of measurement
The 360 ° tilt sensor to measure not only the angles, but also horizontal distances! Combined with the viewfinder, it gives surprising possibilities of indirect measurement.
It is also possible to measure in the absence of reflective target, for example to measure the height of a glass façade.

DISTO™ D510Bluetooth™ Smart with application
The Disto™ D510 has been adapted for the modern mobile phones user interface. The built-in Smart Bluetooth™ allows comfortably and without error measurement data.
The Leica Disto™ sketch free application supports the creation of plans or tables on the appropriate smartphones or tablets.
In addition, it is possible to program the functions often used on two keys to call back them quickly.

Technical features:
General information
Item number: 3.510.001.171
Restraining order
Min. range: 0.05 m
Typical max.: 200 m (660 feet)
In adverse conditions: 80 m (260 feet)
Resolution: 0.1 mm (1/32 inch)
Typical measurement tolerance: ± 1.0 mm (1/16 inch)
Maximum measuring tolerance: ±2, 0 mm (0.08 inch)
Measurement of inclination
Measuring range: 360 °
Compared to the laser beam precision: ±0, 2 °
Precision compared to the casing: ±0, 2 °
O point laser at a distance 10 m [mm]: 6
O point laser at a distance 50 m [mm]: 30
O point laser at a distance of 100 m [mm]: 60
Laser class: 2
Organization of memory
Consultation of the last measurements: 30 Displays
Internal flash memory: standard equipment
Camera supervision
Resolution for photos: not available
Resolution for screenshots: not available
File format: not available
Push buttons: standard equipment
Touch screen: not available
Membrane keyboard: not available
Bluetooth: standard equipment
USB: not available
Models of enclosures
Plastic: standard equipment
Index of protection
IP65: standard equipment
Power supply
internal battery: not available
Load time [h]: not available
Nominal voltage [V]: not available
Capacity [Ah]: not available
Output voltage [V]: not available
Load current [A]: not available
internal (drums): 2 x 1.5 V AAA
Measurements per battery set: ~ 5 000
Ambient conditions
Operation - temperature [° C] min.:-10
Operation - temperature Max [° C]: 50
Operation - temperature min. [° F]: 14
Operation - temperature [° F] maximum: 122
Stock - Temperature [° C] min.:-25
Stock - Temperature [° C] maximum: 70
Stock - Temperature min. [° F]:-13
Stock - Temperature [° F] maximum: 158
Loading storage - temperature min. [° C]: not available
Storage - temperature [° C] maximum load: not available
Length (without package) [mm]: 143
Width (without package) [mm]: 58
Height (without package) [mm]: 29
(without packaging) [kg]: 0,198

Content of standard delivery
Measuring device: standard equipment
Certificate of manufacture: standard equipment
Bag/cover: standard equipment
Strap: standard equipment
Software: standard equipment
Battery: standard equipment
Operating manual: standard equipment
Target table: not available
USB charger, 4 outlets included: not available

Internal sensors
Distance [m]: standard equipment
[Walk]: standard equipment
[In] distance: standard equipment
Tilt [°]: standard equipment
Tilt [%]: standard equipment
Tilt [mm/m]: standard equipment
Tilt [in/ft]: standard equipment
Distance [yd]: standard equipment
Surface [m²]: not available
Surface [States]: standard equipment
Surface [in²]: standard equipment
Volume [m³]: standard equipment
Volume [ft³]: standard equipment
Volume [in³]: standard equipment
Features and equipment
Power Range Technology: standard equipment
Smart Horizontal Mode: standard equipment
Display maximum value: standard equipment
Display minimum value: standard equipment
Continuous measurement: standard equipment
Addition: standard equipment
Subtraction: standard equipment
Measure the surface: standard equipment
Measure of the volume: standard equipment
Function of picket: standard equipment
Indirect measurement by Pythagoras: standard equipment
Painter (surface with partial measures) function: standard equipment
Function triangle and solid angle: standard equipment
Tracking of heights: standard equipment
Measuring horizontal distance over obstacles: standard equipment
Indirect measurement using the tilt sensor: standard equipment
Tilt action: standard equipment
Measures of the elevation profile: standard equipment
Bluetooth transmission: standard equipment
Navigation for Bluetooth transmission keys: standard equipment
Digital riflescope to zoom 4 x: standard equipment
Call of the last measurements: standard equipment
Tripod socket: standard equipment
Automatic: standard equipment
Display lighting: standard equipment
Multifunction Tip: standard equipment
Auto power off: standard equipment
Measure inclined objects: standard equipment
Calculator: standard equipment
Long Range Mode: standard equipment
Custom favorites: standard equipment
Timer: standard equipment
Display of average values: not available
Function of picket: not available
Memory of the constants: not available
Standard deviation: not available
Acoustic alarm function: not available
Compass feature: not available
Leica Disto sketch - free app for iOS/Android
Integrated observation camera: not available
Images/screenshots: not available
Gallery with USB download: not available
Measure image: not available
Diameter: not available
Width: not available
Surface of photo: not available

Warranty: 2 years

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