Ozone Generator Trotec Airozon 20000

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Ozone Generator Trotec Airozon 20000.
The Airozon® 20000 is a powerful ozone disinfectant that is easy to transport and use. Its high ozone flow and flexible use make it an ideal device for professional disinfection of large areas and large volumes.

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Ozone Generator Trotec Airozon 20000.
The Airozon® 20000 is a powerful ozone disinfectant that is easy to transport and use. Its high ozone flow and flexible use make it an ideal device for professional disinfection of large areas and large volumes.
Ozone generator at a maximum rate of 20,000 mg of ozone per hour for odour neutralization and indoor disinfection.

Classroom, train compartment, specialty store, hotel lobby... this type of area that is frequented, public or transportable by the public requires a hygiene concept that is adapted to ensure effective infection control.
Used alone, traditional cleaning methods are often not enough. Their effectiveness is less effective and they also require a longer response time, more personnel and the use of chemicals without it being possible to verify with certainty that all surfaces, and in particular hard-to-reach surfaces, have been fully treated during wiping disinfection.
Ozone disinfection: a rapid and complete disinfection process for surfaces of all sizes
Ozonation using an Airozon® professional is one of the fastest and most effective methods for disinfecting surfaces and indoor air. The Airozon® 20000 is a powerful disinfection device for the treatment of areas and surfaces, even large sizes. The process is fast and allows for complete disinfection using a particularly reactive ozone concentration, allowing rapid oxidative degradation of infectious germs. The treatment of air and surfaces with an Airozon® 20000 ensures the safe elimination of human pathogens such as viruses and bacteria within the range of the device. Its effectiveness extends to spores, germs and harmful microorganisms.
High and stable ozone concentration to disinfect and achieve optimal results
The 10 g ozone-integrated 10 g ozone electrodes assembly integrated into duplexes at the Airozon® 20000 works with an insulated dielectric barrier to obtain in ambient air conditions a constant and high-performance ozone flow of 20,000 mg/h that will be rapidly diffused into the area to be treated through a high-pressure centrifugal fan. This level of ozone is particularly suited to the economic disinfection of large surfaces such as classrooms, retail shops, buses or train compartments.
The possible fitting of an air sheath can reach and disinfect hard-to-reach areas such as hollow partitions, crawl spaces, cavities, reservoirs or ducts by localizing ozone distribution. The use of a sheath also connects the Airozon® 20000 to a ventilation system.
Useable for neutralizing stubborn odors
Smelly odours can take place over time on buses, trains and other busy areas. In the area of disaster cleaning and rescue, specialists may be confronted with persistent odours that persist after their source has been eliminated because they permeate upholstered furniture, carpets, furniture, wall coverings and other materials. An ozonization using an Airozon® 20000 is a professional solution to destroy odorous molecules by oxidation using ozone - the source of odors is neutralized, odors are eliminated, the problem is solved.

The Airozon® 20000 is simple to use and has many advantages, especially when comparing ozonization to the usual cleaning methods:

  • Automated processing that does not require staff at the intervention site
  • Very fast procedure
  • Useable without prior planning
  • Acts in hard-to-reach areas through mechanical processes
  • Useable almost everywhere - just requires an area socket
  • Elimination of odours without chemicals or residues

Airozon Ozone Generators Operating Principle®

  1. For ozonization, the Airozon® series of ozone generators use oxygen in the ambient air as a molecular compound.
  2. The ozone generator sucks up the ambient air and subjects it to an electric shock whose energy splits the diatomic oxygen molecule into two atoms in the form of free radicals.
  3. Atomic oxygen recombines (A) with an oxygen molecule to form an ozone molecule.
  4. Ozone is a very powerful oxidizer with a high reaction potential. This highly reactive product is used to degrade troublesome substances in the ambient air. The radicals in the ozone molecule detach themselves from the chemical compound (B) and react with all substances present in the ambient air, regardless of their concentration. This oxidative degradation of airborne and fixed pollutants (e.g. on the ground, walls or ceiling) neutralizes odours and disinfects by killing viruses, bacteria, moulds and carcinogenic microorganisms and allergens.
  5. After oxygen atoms are oxidized by reaction substances, ozone molecules transform into oxygen molecules.
  6. Because of their metastable composition, non-oxidized ozone molecules degrade after a while to form oxygen without leaving harmful residual products. Indoors, the half-life period of ozone is, under typical conditions, usually between 30 and 60 minutes. This means that the concentration of ozone in the ambient air decreases by at least 50% every hour naturally.
  7. Technical oxygen regeneration: Ozone generators with an oxygen regeneration cycle such as the Airozon Supercracker can significantly accelerate the process of natural oxygen degradation of ozone (6) by actively transforming oxygen.

Strengths and practical details:

  • Professional quality made in Germany - manufactured by Trotec
  • Robust construction for professional disinfection and odour removal
  • Easy to carry - stacks to take up minimal space when travelling and storing
  • Ozone flow of 20,000 mg/h
  • High-pressure centrifugal fan to process large volumes economically
  • Corona discharge using a quartz glass-based dielectric that provides stable ozone values over time
  • Assembling two electrodes with 10 g of long-lasting high-quality ozone
  • End of processing signalled by beep
  • Clock function to schedule processing time for between 0 minutes and 100 hours
  • Useful service hours counter for billing
  • Tip for fitting a pipe to treat a targeted area
  • Built-in air filter to protect internal elements

Technical features.
- Airflow/h about: 480 m3
- Ozone/h flow about: 20,000 mg
- Programmer: integrated, 100 hours of operation in a row possible
- Hours of service counter: integrated
- Food area: 230 V/50 Hz
- Sheet: (CEE 7/7)
- L x l x h: 610 x 360 x 400 mm
- Weight: 20 kg
- 2-year warranty

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