Trotec Mobile PAC 3500 SH air conditioner up to 115 m3

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Trotec Mobile PAC 3500 SH air conditioner up to 115 m3.
The PAC 3500 SH is a 4-in-1 energy class A mobile air conditioner with cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification functions for 46 m2/115 m3 max.

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Trotec Mobile PAC 3500 SH air conditioner up to 115 m3.
The PAC 3500 SH is a 4-in-1 energy class A mobile air conditioner with cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification functions for 46 m2/115 m3 max. Its refrigeration capacity is 3.5 kW/12,000 Btu, while its calorific power is 2.9 kW.

An air conditioner that can be used all year round
On hot days, there's nothing more pleasant than being able to enjoy a breath of fresh air in its four walls! A sudden drop in temperature at the time of autumn and it is an extra heating that would be much needed. A reversible air conditioner has the advantage of not only serving the time of a season but being able to be used all year round for air conditioning and heating. On the 3500 SH CAP, the desired temperature can be set over a range of between 17 and 30 degrees Celsius. This stylishly designed white air conditioner will fit easily into any type of interior - whether it's at home, in an office, restaurant, shop, hotel or vacation apartment.

Automatic energy-saving mode
The PAC 3500 SH air conditioner has a high refrigeration power of 3.5 kW/12,000 Btu/h. During the warm season, it will be used to cool the living rooms, rooms or offices of 46 m2 /115 m3 max. In cold mode, the PAC 3500 SH belongs to the energy class A. To save energy, the compressor shuts down once the desired temperature is reached. It automatically restarts as soon as the temperature exceeds the set temperature. On cold days, you can use the 2.9 kW of the PAC 3500 SH to quickly heat the room. In this mode, the device is of energy class A. Automatic mode is particularly convenient because it adjusts air conditioning, heating and ventilation according to the ambient temperature and the set temperature on the device. This saves energy, as the device only works when necessary to keep a constant temperature and goes into sleep mode the rest of the time. When the oscillation function is activated, the air outlet opens and closes alternately to distribute fresh or warm air evenly throughout the room.

A dehumidification air conditioner for maximum well-being
The dehumidification function of the PAC 3500 SH eliminates up to 3.25 litres of moisture per hour. By lowering the humidity in the air, the device helps to ensure that the heat is not felt as heavy and, in the long run, can prevent the appearance of mould. Thanks to its clean air filter, this air conditioner washes the air by capturing the stuffed animals, dust or animal hairs present in the ambient air. Another very useful feature is the ventilation function that allows the 3500 SH CAP to be used as a three-speed fan with or without air conditioning function. All of these features allow you to use the device well beyond the summer to increase your comfort. To meet the latest environmental protection constraints, the PAC 3500 SH works with a low PRP refrigerant (Planetary Warming Potential), the R290.

Maximum use comfort
The PAC 3500 SH has options you won't want to do without. All functions and settings of the device can be accessed from the control panel or remote control.

Follow-me function - intelligent temperature monitoring via remote control
The air conditioner thermostat normally measures the temperature of the room in which the air conditioner is installed. The PAC 3500 SH model also offers the ability to measure temperature through the remote control so that the temperature is measured where the remote control is, so where you are. In this case, the temperature measured by the remote control is transmitted to the air conditioner every three minutes; The air conditioner adjusts its operation accordingly. For example, if you switch from a place in the shade to a seat in front of a sunny window by taking the remote with you, the air conditioner will increase its refrigeration performance to compensate for the increase in temperature.

A room that's always perfectly air-conditioned - thanks to the 24-hour clock
You can program the device to enjoy an ideal temperature at night and during the day. The 24-hour clock allows you to adapt the operation of the PAC 3500 SH to the course of your day. It is thus possible to start the day at a certain temperature, the air conditioner PAC 3500 SH adjusts the heating or air conditioning of the room autonomously in automatic mode. Or come home from work and enjoy the welcome freshness of the living room or bedroom. Similarly, it is possible to program the device to shut down - a useful function when you may forget to turn it off. In order to go from room to room as needed, this compact device has moulded wheels and handles. The built-in memory function keeps the operating mode set.

Night mode - for restful sleep
The PAC 3500 SH air conditioner has a particularly convenient night mode. In order to allow you to fall asleep pleasantly, the device gradually lowers or increases the set temperature by 2oC over the first hour and a half of operation, then keeps it at a constant level for 7 hours before moving it back to the level intially set. This mode will allow you to start the day in a perfectly air-conditioned room. Installed one metre away, the device emits a relatively low noise level of 54.5 dB(A) max. The sound level depends on the settings made. Another positive is that the screen's LED lighting can be turned off.

Whether it's too hot or very cold, the 4-in-1 PAC 3500 SH air conditioner will keep you flexible all year round and enjoy a comfortable climate!

Energy efficiency of the refrigerant used: propane R290
Every year, the millions of tonnes of CO2 produced by synthetic refrigerants are released into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases have a lasting impact on the environment. That's why we care about offering products with an alternative with less impact. This air conditioner works with propane (R290), which is more environmentally friendly.

Strengths and practical details of the device:
-Single-block mobile air conditioner
-Device 4 in 1 used to air condition, heat, ventilate and dehumidify
Energy Class A
-Automatic operation
-Refrigeration capacity of 3.5 kW/12,000 Btu
-2.9 kW heat power
-Clock function
-Washable air filter
-Easy-to-clean membrane key control panel
-Comes with remote control
-3 ventilation speeds
-Adjustable blowing direction

Technical features:
Cooling capacity
max. [kW]: 3.5
max. [Btu/h]: 12,000
Recommended space size
m3: 115
sq m: 46
Maximum speed [m3/h]: 420
Ventilation speeds: 3
radial: Standard equipment
axial: not available
Dehumidification capacity
max. [l/h]: 3.25
Room temperature that can be obtained (min.)
depending on the conditions of use[ 'C]: 17
Environmental conditions
Min. temperature range: 17
Maximum temperature range: 35
Electrical values
Network connection: 220 - 240 V/50 Hz
Absorbed power [kW]: 1.6
Absorbed nominal current [A]: 8
Recommended Fuse [A]: 10
Power supply
Contact sheet: CEE 7/7
Cable Length [m]: 1.8
Minimum space size [m2]: 11
Type of refrigerant: R290
Amount of refrigerant [g]: 230
GWP factor: 3
CO2 equivalent: 0.00069 t
aspiration side pressure [MPa]: 1
output side pressure [MPa]: 2.6
Acoustic values
Sound emission [dB(A)] according to ISO 3745:2012: 64 dB(A)
Speed 1 - Gap 1 m [dB(A)]: 54.5
Evacuation hose
Total length [m]: 1.5m
Diameter [mm]: 150
Length (without packaging) [mm]: 395
Length in inches (without packaging): 15.55"
Width (without packaging) [mm]: 460
Width in inches (without packaging): 18.11"
Height (without packaging) [mm]: 786
Height in inches (without packaging): 30.94"
(without packaging) [kg]: 34
Guarantee: 2 years
Several choices and versions available on request.

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